The Truth That Lies Between - a novel

When he’s not busy trying to win over the girl of his dreams, Case Reynolds fishes, camps, and races three-wheelers on a local farm with his best friends, the carefree Jack Masterson and brilliant Jet Townsend. But Case’s life changes forever when he finds the murdered remains of a local drifter in a barn, the beloved farm suddenly comes up for sale, and Jack’s abusive stepfather Stone disappears without a trace.

The evidence points to all three events being connected. And when the boys discover that not only are they prime suspects in the drifter’s death, but the future of the farm depends on exposing the truth, they set out to find Stone and catch the killer on their own.

Their secret quest takes them on a journey of danger and self-discovery that they never could have imagined. Because Stone had dark secrets, and killers often kill again. And the truth isn’t always what it seems, even between best friends.


Can Case and his friends execute their plan to bring justice to those who deserve it and find a bit of redemption for Stone—and themselves—in the process?  

The Recruit - a short story

For World War II veteran Paul MacIntosh, a quiet life with family on his Mississippi farm appears to be all he ever wanted. But when FBI agents confront him with accusations of involvement with the Klan, the dark, smoldering fury that awakens within him jeopardizes his version of peace. 

Because lessons must be taught to those who don't know their place, and MacIntosh is a teacher with a style all his own. 

The trick is figuring out who needs the teaching.

Gross Injustice - Coming in 2020!

Medical school is always a challenge to pass.

Sometimes it's a challenge to survive. 


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