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In the shocking finale of the Case For Truth trilogy, a trio of lifelong friends come together once again in a thrilling tale brimming with cliff hangers, tests of loyalty, and the struggle to protect what is most cherished. They will fight to save the next generation, but at what cost? Truth on the Brink surprises at every turn and will leave readers wondering what could be next. 


In the exciting follow-up to The Truth That Lies Between, Case Reynolds and his friends are back! When Jet Townsend begins medical school by finding his brother on his Gross Anatomy table - and no one believes him - it is up to Case and Jack Masterson to help him find the truth.
And to survive the journey. 
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When he’s not busy trying to win over the girl of his dreams, Case Reynolds fishes, camps, and races three-wheelers on a local farm with his best friends, the carefree Jack Masterson and brilliant Jet Townsend. But Case’s life changes forever when he finds the murdered remains of a local drifter in a barn, the beloved farm suddenly comes up for sale, and Jack’s abusive stepfather Stone disappears without a trace.


THEY ROAM THOSE HILLS - a short story

When a stranger named Iris tells Dr. Evan Salter his land is home to a lost cemetery with secrets that can help the living, he believes she may be mentally ill. When she tells him wolves roam there, too, he knows she is. But something unseen is drawing him and his son to investigate. Is it the land itself? 

Or is it something else?

TheRecruit- final.jpg

THE RECRUIT - a short story

For World War II veteran Paul MacIntosh, a quiet life with family on his Mississippi farm appears to be all he ever wanted.


But when FBI agents confront MacIntosh accusing him of being involved with the Klan, the dark, smoldering fury they awaken threatens to destroy his version of peace forever. 

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