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Book 2 in the Case for Truth trilogy


Medical school is inevitably a challenge, but when you discover a family member on the Gross Anatomy dissection table, it becomes a nightmare.


Jet Townsend appears to be on a roll: a perfect MCAT score, a medical school close to home, and a painful past seemingly behind him. But when he pulls back a formaldehyde-soaked sheet and finds a cadaver who he believes is his brother Adam, everything changes. The gruesome discovery is more than just a horrific shock—it’s utterly impossible. Because Adam died in a fiery automobile accident one year earlier.


When the body is mysteriously replaced and Jet’s sanity is questioned, he realizes there is more at stake than just solving his brother’s murder; his own future in medicine may depend on it. With the help of ex-girlfriend Abi Rossini and lifelong friends Case Reynolds and Jack Masterson—quite possibly the only three people in the world who believe him—Jet fights to prove his competence and find his brother’s killer. The conspiracy they discover creeps in directions none of them could have imagined, intertwining friend and foe, past and present. And destroying futures.


Because Adam won’t be the last victim.

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