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Book 3 in the Case for Truth trilogy


When coach Case Reynolds witnesses his senior captain, Devlin James, get attacked by an opposing player during a football game, he chalks it up to an unfortunate consequence of a heated rivalry. 


But everything changes when Case’s friend Jack Masterson knocks on his door the next morning with tragic news. Devlin’s attacker has been found dead at the bottom of Logan’s Bluff. 


Devlin is the prime suspect, and Jack—who is romantically involved with Devlin’s mother—is determined to prove the boy’s innocence with the help of Case and their genius friend Jet Townsend. 


There is one major problem: Devlin has confessed to the murder and is refusing to say another word. 


In Truth on the Brink, a trio of lifelong friends comes together one last time as what may be the only hope for a boy on the verge of a ruined life. The journey will test their friendships, pit them against the people they love most, and take them and their families to the brink of disaster atop Logan’s Bluff— and beneath the ominous shadow it casts in directions they never imagined.  

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